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The Resusci Baby QCPR is a training model for carrying out CPR on small children. A number of feedback options have been added that offer the possibility of concentrating fully on the performance of the trainees. Measurement, evaluation and qualitative feedback are the key to developing the trainee’s skills. The Resusci Baby QCPR provides thorough and realistic CPR training. Optimised measurement of compressions and respiration provide accurate guidance for the trainees. Thanks to detailed feedback and debriefing functions, trainees can learn resuscitation techniques more quickly and considerably improve their CPR skills.

The new feedback unit offers the trainee

  • clear feedback on how performance can be improved
  • the possibility of improving their skills through a debriefing
  • feedback on individual training units in real time and the possibility of saving and analysing the training results


  • realistic anatomy with head tilt, chin lift, compression depth, compression force and chest raise
  • a sensor indicating when the correct hand position has been achieved
  • the respiratory system allows the chest to rise appropriately with a bag valve mask (BVM) and mouth to mouth resuscitation (MTM)
  • optimised measurement and improved feedback
  • connection with the SkillGuide or the SimPad SkillReporter
  • guideline compliant training

Resusci Baby QCPR offers thorough feedback with the following options*:

  • SimPad SkillReporter 1017707
  • SkillGuide 1017708

*Sold separately


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